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Attention to all (bio)medical students all over the world! The biggest scientific event of 2016 is just around the corner!

Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia proudly presents: Indonesia International (Bio)Medical Students’ Congress (INAMSC), held on:

April, 27th 2016 – April, 30th 2016

This year, INAMSC focuses on “Maternal and Child Health – Saving Future Generation: The First 2000 Days”, with the following terms & conditions for each competition:

[Research Paper and Poster]
Clusters of Research Paper and Poster:
– Biomedical
– Clinical
– Epidemiology and Public Health

[Literature Review]
Theme: “Maternal and Child Health – Saving Future Generation: The First 2000 Days”

And you can as well pick these following subthemes for literature review:
1. Prevention and early detection of high-risk pregnancy
2. Application of bio-molecular study in diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnancy
3. Advancement in screening and management of high-risk infant
4. Innovation in management of neonatal emergency
5. Innovation in management of pediatric emergency

Put out your ideas and visions by participating in INAMSC 2016! And get the total prize of more than IDR30,000,000+trophy!

Guideline for the competition is available on: ligamedika.com/competition/inamsc

Call for Papers!
November, 14th 2015 until January, 31st 2016

Contact us:
08567373170 (Yully Astika)
Twitter: @INAMSC
Website: ligamedika.com

Let’s start the journey!

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