Aplikasi Vaksin RTS,S Sebagai Strategi Baru Dalam Pencegahan Malaria Tropikana

 oleh Hasna Afifah (hasna_fkui@yahoo.com), Enninurmita Hazrudia (enni_noer@yahoo.co.id) – 2009

Tropical Malaria is caused by Plasmodium falciparum that have become the cause of increasing morbidity people in the world per year. The disease infetcs people in the most of  countries, included Indonesia. The life cycle of the parasite is divided into three phases, they are pre-erythrocytic, erythrocytic, and transmission phase. Every cycle of the parasite induce different antigen-producing. The different antigens interest the researchers to continue the  development of designing malaria vaccines that suitable for each antigents. RTS,S/AS is the only vaccine candidate that have been testing in the clinical trial phase III with the high efficacy in the previous trials. Therefore, the relation between high efficacy and protective immune responses is neccesary to be known. Nevertheless, the immune mechanisms that constitute the  protection are only partially understood. This findings have demonstrated the correlation of high efficacy induced by  RTS,S in several studies and protective immune responses. In making this paper, the writers use the literature method. The writers hope that this paper can be a refference for the researchers in Indonesia to develop the initial researches about the RTS,S vaccine to specific-Circumsporozoit Protein strain.

Keywords: Circum Sporozoit Protein (CSP), Immune responses, Plasmodium falciparum, RTS,S/AS, Tropical Malaria



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